About Me

I started Chaos Fox Costuming sometime back in 2012, it’s been one amazing journey since then.  I had initially started cosplaying back in 2009, I had no prior sewing knowledge aside from a pillow in home economics back in middle school, but I had all the ambition and a major love for crafts in general.  Plus, the motivation of wanting to be my favorite characters was in me.  I set off to make my first cosplay and 3 years later I went off to start my own company.  I have since then started doing commissions and artist alley tables as well.  I mostly specialize in wigs and sewing. though have been developing other skills as well along the way.  I only pick up commissions that I am confident in and always strive to do well and go out of my way to solve issue’s.  So if you’re in the market for your own custom cosplay or even other items please feel free to go to the contact page and get in touch!