Honey Color circle lens review

Today I am doing  a review on Honeycolor lenses, and store in general.  These are the Vassen color snowy gray.  I actually got these lenses during the holiday promotion as you can see on the box it says holiday edition.  It was buy one pair and get a 2nd pair of random lenses for free.  This particular lens was my free pair and I am super overjoyed that it was because ruby’s eyes are grey from rwby, and I plan to cosplay her volume 4 version as soon as I can.

First of all I was very impressed by the fast shipping and processing time of the site overall.  I made my order on November 23rd and they arrived to me December 7th and I didn’t even have to pay for faster shipping time!  They arrived packed really nicely in a white box that the Halloween edition box was encased inside of .  The two pairs of lenses were wrapped up in a way that they could not shift inside the box, so there was no way my product could have been damaged.  I  also got not one but two pairs Violet Owl Lens cases, I personally think they are really adorable and will for sure be using both.

After inserting the lenses into my eyes I was immediately impressed with how moist they were, I have really sensitive eyes  due to allergies and some lenses have irritated my eyes, but not this particular brand or color.  I also really enjoyed the fact that the lenses have a small ring of black around the outer edges, it really works to help make your eyes look enlarged.  Which is great for cosplaying anime and other characters since they have super big eyes.  Overall I am very happy with my purchase and would give a 10/10 no gripes.

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