January Anime Bento review w/ coupon code

So this is a review on my jan anime bento box, I’ll also being doing a video review on my youtube channel that will depict my initial first reactions to everything.  I also have a sponsor coupon code as this was sponsored to me.


So when I first opened the box I was super excited to go and grab the digimon  thing but I waited until the end since I wanted to see all the other goodies first.

I first grabbed out the cellophane folder as it stood out to me a lot and seemed to be of good quality straight from japan as I have a few others like these ones.   I’m probably going to give my boyfriend  the Ghost in the shell folder though because he really really loves ghost in the shell so much.

The next item i grabbed with kon tsum tsum figure which is super cute.  I used to love bleach I may not be a huge fan of it anymore but I used to love it back in the weeb days and kon is so so cute.

Kon Hanging with the cutie’s

when I had first opened this up I defiantly missed that it’s actually rem’s face that the words are shaped into.  At first I just started reading it and was like wth is this lol, but then I realized what it was from.  It’s weird but also super cool.

Konpeito! These were tasty not gonna last for long!

and lastly the best thing in the box, veemon! Digimon is what got me into anime in the first place, I used to love waking up in the morning and watching digimon.  I also marathon a bunch of it in high school and I am keeping up with digimon tri.  It’s one of my all time nostalgia favorites it never gets old.

Last here is the coupon code I promised “FOX10”


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