Services & Rates

Provided Services 

Costume’s, Wigs, Props, accessories, bootcovers/shoe’s

Each costume commission is Handmade and Tailored to your measurements/requirements.  Wigs will be purchased from arda-wigs or other wig vendors depending on what I deem is necessary for the requested style and your approval.  If you have an existing wig that needs alterations done to it, that is offered as well.  Please contact me with photo’s and I’ll see what I can do.  Props are limited to smaller props just ask and I’ll let you know if I can do it.  Accessories vary from things like masks, small armor, jewelry, hair bows etc.  If wanting boot covers, shoes will either need to be provided or proper sizing will be needed so I can purchase a base.  Photographs of your custom item will be sent to and posted to pages unless it is discussed between us ahead of time that you would like progress to only be shown to you.


Terms and conditions

Deposits and payments

All pricing, quotes and shipping costs are in USD.

A 50% Non refundable deposit is required before any work will commence on your order.  The last 50%, plus the shipping costs are due any time prior to shipment of the order unless otherwise stated.  This deposit covers the cost of materials, research time, fabric sourcing etc of the item being commissions.  By making a deposit towards your order you are entering into an agreement to finish the payments for the work requested of ChaosfoxCostuming.  Items will not be shipped until final payments are received.  You are welcome to pay in full if you would like.  All payments will be made through PayPal or a custom listing on etsy unless otherwise stated.

Measurements (required)

Each item is made to the specific measurements provided by the customer.  Please take care in taking your measurements correctly.  If you are concerned about taking your own measurements ChaosFoxCostuming recommends having a local tailor or professional measure you.  All items are made based off of the measurements given to ChaosFoxCostuming, so if these are incorrect I cannot guarantee a proper fit.  Please refer to the measurements chart and give all measurements in inches.  Make sure to fill out everything that is needed for your specific order.

Make time

All projects are taken on a first come first serve basis, there are absolutely no holds on spots unless stated by ChaosFoxCostuming.  Due to each individual project having different types of work needed, that is done completely by hand by myself I can not give an estimated wait time unless you contact me.  I will state to you how long your item will take, please plan accordingly.  The sooner I receive your deposit the loner I will have to work on your specified item.  All Clients will receive photos of work in progress, and updates throughout the process of each product when there is work to show.  Please ask ahead of time if you’d like to be given updates in certain intervals.


All items will be shipped through usps with tracking and insurance.  If you would prefer a different carrier I am flexible please state this in your request.  You will be sent tracking information once the item has been sent out.  If there is a problem with your shipment as in the item is lost for over 30 days or damaged I will file an insurance claim and depending on the item and the circumstances of the situation, I will either recreate the item or reimburse the value.

International Customers: You are responsible for any duty fees incurred at customer in your country.  In some countries these can be quite a bit so please take time to research your specific countries fees.  Under no circumstance will I make the package off as gift.

Refunds and exchanges

All custom orders are non-refundable/ non exchangeable due to the nature of the items.  Refunds and exchanges will only be given if the circumstances call for them.

Rush Orders

Total payment is required for any rush order before any work can be started.  Rush orders may be taken but I will let you know ahead of time before any payment is made.  Rush orders will include a non-refundable rush charge fee which will cover the extra postage, materials and whatever else incurs into the cost of the item I will let you know ahead of time how much this fee will be.  Sadly I cannot tell you until you contact me due to the nature of each item being different.