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Please fill out the following form as best as possible and insert it into the comments when requesting a quote
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Height: _________ (Inches)
Weight: _________ (lbs)
Head Circumference: _________ (Inches)
Neck: _________ ( Inches)
Shoulder: _________ (Inches)
Armhole Circumference:__________(Inches)
Torso: _________ (Inches)
Chest / Bust: _________ (Inches)
Sleeve Length (A): _________ (Inches)
Sleeve Length (B): _________ ( Inches)
Bicep Circumference:________(Inches)
Wrist Circumference:________(Inches)
Waist: _________ (Inches)
Hip: _________ (Inches)
Inseam / Trouser: _________ (Inches)
Thigh: _________ (Inches)
Calves: _________ (Inches)
Legs (A): _________ (Inches)
Legs (B): _________ (Inches)

Shoe: _________ (USA size – Mens/Womens)
Width of leg opening:__________(Inches)

Important please read if requesting commission

Pricing is based on each project, breaking it down with fabric cost, material cost, and production cost. Shipping is calculated as an addition to all quotes.
Shipping is available Worldwide. (International shipping rates apply)
below are some questions you should ask yourself before requesting a quote.  

What character/series?  Do you have a reference image?  When is your deadline?  Do you have proper measurements?  (see below for helpful image guide.)  Are you using a a fabric measuring tape?  Will this require full costume, wig, shoes, accessories etc.?  Do you have any other questions?